Hello world!

My first lesson in life:

My Mom, Eleanor Reppucci was an amazing woman who lived life with class, dignity and an incredible spirit.  She was totally engaged in life everyday, and had a fierce commitment to things she believed in!  But, most of all, she was a wonderful mother, who was totally committed to her family and our home.

One of the first lessons I learned from my Mom happened when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  I was in first grade, and something very traumatic had happened to me at school.  I had done something that I thought was totally embarrassing, and went home in a panic. Oh, the mind of a first grader!  It couldn’t have been that bad, because I can’t exactly remember what happened that day.  But, I do remember what happened when I arrived home so distraught.   My Mom was an expert at turning any situation around into a learning experience.  The first thing she did when I arrived home was to sit me down at the kitchen table, which was like “mission control headquarters” for my Mom.  Like any good Italian mother, she proceeded to get me a snack and a drink, which was always home made!  She then proceeded to make me tell my humiliating story in every detail.  When I was done, to my surprise my Mom looked at my situation from a totally different perspective than me.  She told me that I had done a wonderful thing to try something I didn’t know, and that by being wrong,  I had actually learned far more than any of the other kids that never tried.  I remember her telling me that I had learned a lesson that none of the other kids knew, and she made me feel like I was ahead of them on the learning curve.  She told me to never be afraid to try something, even if I failed, for the important lessons in life came from failing and understanding why.  Trying and failing was the stepping-stone to getting it right and succeeding.  She told me how proud she was of me for trying.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it – I had done a really good thing! And doing it made me smarter than the other kids!  Who knew….!!??  Looking back, I realize that my mother in some ways created a “monster” that day, because for the rest of my life I was never afraid to try anything.  And always remembered that without trying I could never succeed.

The next day, I strolled into school a brand new girl!   My peers who just yesterday we like me, actually looked like immature kids in my mind.   My Mom had told me I was ahead of them because I had tried, and I was feeling kind of sorry for the bunch of them that next day!  Without realizing it, my Mother had taught me about confidence, and about not being afraid to stick my neck out and try new things.  From that day forward, I never forgot that lesson.  (And, no one ever tried to bully me, or any of my friends in school!)  Her lesson carried me through life, as I had a successful career where I was constantly enhancing my knowledge through education, and always achieving new goals.  Thanks Mom!!!

So, that was the first lesson of my life.  But throughout my life, my Mom had a saying that she always said to me that became my last lesson when she left this world.  What was it you ask…well, that’s for next time!  Stay tuned……..

14 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Marla Pierce nee Marlene Puccetti says:

    What a lovely way to honor your parents, especially your dear mother.
    You brought back lots of memories of that first year at St Mary’s: walking the long, long halls, girls beside boys, to get to the asbestos flaking pipes on the cafeteria stairs; staring at the lovely caulk drawings Mary’s Capparelli’s mother drew; Sister Genevieve’s abrupt departure mid-year (I thought we were so bad that she had to leave); and lastly my dad’s untimely passing from this world.
    The lesson I learned that year was from the reassuring words of Sr Genevieve. Naturally, I missed my dad terribly and she told me that God always picks the best flowers (people) on Earth for his garden in Heaven. She said my father would always be watching over me from above and that I would be fine.
    Like you, I learned confidence and more importantly, faith that everything would be OK. I cannot tell you how many times in my life that I have had to call on that lesson to get me through the challenges. Faith and resiliency: not bad lessons to take away from first grade.

    • pattireppucci says:

      Marla, I also remember all of those things from first grade. St. Mary’s, what a trip that place was. I also remember your Dad’s passing, as well as Sr. Genevieve’s, as that was my first experiences with death. Yes, we both learned a lot that year! Lessons that helped mold us into the women we are. Confidence, faith and resiliency – big lessons for 7 year olds!!

  2. Rick Corsi says:

    Patti, You’re bringing back so many memories of St. Mary’s and Sister Genevieve! How I’ve tried so hard to block them out of my mind! (Just kidding, though I do remember once at recess when Sister Genevieve called me “a horse” for stepping on her foot! I refused to let that comment scar me for life! It only scarred me until I was 35! Seriously, though, It’s so great to read your blog and to reconnect with the St. Mary’s crowd!

    • pattireppucci says:

      Rick, I feel the same way about reconnecting with some many of the St. Mary’s class! We’ve know each other for so many years! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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