Making Plans with Momma


My Mom was a woman of great wisdom and opinions.  During her last week of life, fully aware that her days were numbered, we sat and spoke about many things together.  We even discussed this blog, which I had told her I wanted to write months beforehand.

One particularly hard conversation was when she started talking about her funeral with me.   With the same strength and grace as always, she expressed her desires for everything from music to readings, enlightening me on all of her favorites in both categories.  I thought to myself that I better go get something to write this down, acknowledging mentally that it was my responsibility not to screw this up!!!  Dear Lord, she was planning a “high mass”, and I was sitting there without pen or paper!!  But for some reason I couldn’t move a muscle.  I knew if I left the room to go get the required writing materials, this special moment would be broken.   Then without missing a beat, we got into the important details.  She leaned in, looked at me and inquired, “what do you think I should wear??”  Like we were planning a birthday party for one of my siblings!!   Although I was getting mentally upset, I tried my best to hold it together.  We discussed a few beautiful outfits that she owned, and settled on a white beautifully beaded suit that was her favorite.  I’ll never forget the way she looked at me when this decision was made, feeling that she had made the right choice for eternity. Her only other request was that I make sure that she had on all of the appropriate jewelry.  Got to love her, she was a “fashionista” till the end!!!

But this wasn’t the lesson of the day.  As we concluded the planning of the funeral in detail, suddenly I couldn’t hold it together any more.  The realization that in a short while my mother would be gone from this earth had overwhelmed my mind and heart.  I started to cry, and exclaimed to her that I was losing my best friend and what was I going to do without her?  The memories of a lifetime of cooking, shopping and talking about every stage of my life together came flooding out, and I couldn’t see how I could go on without my Mom and best friend.  To this she took my hand in hers and answered “I’m not your my best friend – the Lord and the Blessed Mother are your best friends, and they will always be by your side as they have through your whole life, to help you through everything.  Prayer, and trusting in the Lord and Mother Mary are the most important things in life.   Through them all things are possible”.    I knew she was right, as I’d seen the hand of the Lord working in my life many times.  But, somehow I knew she’d be watching everything from above also.  It’s just the kind of mother she was!

Being a woman of great faith, my Mom was very devoted to the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy to the Lord.  During her last week, we prayed this Chaplet with her daily.   As most devote Christians know, the Lord passed away at 3:00 PM, so this hour was very sacred and special to my Mom.  On the day my Mom passed, she expired before the hospice nurse could get to my sister’s home.  Upon arrival, we told the nurse that my Mom had passed an hour previously, and she proceeded to examine her.  She pronounced my Mom as passed, and looked at her watch for an official time to register on her death certificate.  She proclaimed her death at 3:00 PM, to which myself and my siblings all let out gasps and giggles!  The nurse being unaware of what was happening asked about our reaction.  We told her, and I added to my siblings that it was my Mom’s way of telling us that she had arrived in heaven with the Lord.  And believe me, heaven hasn’t been the same since that day!!  I can see her interaction in many things here on earth.  She’s still pulling the strings and sticking her hand in everything for her family.  What you ask…. well that’s for next time!!

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12 thoughts on “Making Plans with Momma

  1. Marla Pierce nee Marlene Puccetti says:

    Another great entry, Patti; I experienced smiles, chuckles and tears. You brought back memories of my mother’s passing as well; another fashionista who knew what she wanted. It did make it easier on me when it came to making arrangements though.

    Mom has been visiting from heaven with regularity. Two years ago, she appeared as a chickadee outside my window on her birthday. This little bird stayed there all day tapping on the glass. It wasn’t until late afternoon when I tripped running after the dogs did I know why. She was warning me to be careful. Had I heeded her, I would not have broken my ankle that day! I’m sure the angels heard a mouthful of “I told her so” after that one.

    • pattireppucci says:

      Marla, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. I’m sure most of my writing is familiar to you also, as you were extremely close to your Mom! Your story about the chickadee is so funny!! Yes, I do believe they’re around us all the time and still being our Mothers when they see a situation where we need them to interact from heaven. She did her best to warn you!! And yes, the angels did listen to her “I told her so’s” for the rest of the day!!

      Thanks for sharing this with me. I hope my blog will eventually become lessons from all of our Mom’s through stories like yours. I may tuck this away in my files for a segment about “messages from heaven”!! Who knows where my writing will go?? If I ever do write it, I’ll contact you first for your permission to add you to my own stories.

      Thanks for reading and for your wonderful comments!


      • Marla Pierce nee Marlene Puccetti says:

        Sounds like a great plan. Your writing style is very clear and descriptive. I can hear the voices. Pleasure to read. One thing we can say about our education was that they pounded that grammar into our heads! When I was working my colleagues teasingly called me Sister Mary Margaret because I was a stickler for content, clarity & grammar whenever we communicated to staff or wrote policies. Those nuns in heaven are watching over that skill for sure. Lord knows what my deteriorated penmanship (40 yrs in medical environment) has done to them! Keep them coming, old friend.

        • pattireppucci says:

          Marla, you’re too funny!! Thanks for the compliment on my writing style and correct use of grammar. I’m kind of a stickler for that also. It must go back to our roots with the nuns!!! Good ‘ol St. Mary’s!! I agree with you about the penmanship, as mine isn’t what it used to be. We type so much that we’ve lost the “Palmer method”!!

          I try to post about every two weeks depending on what’s going on in life. I usually post to FB, so everyone will know a new one has been created for your “reading pleasure”! LOL!!

          Take care, my dear friend!


  2. Patty Lewis says:

    Patti,your blog brings back memories of my mom and her last weeks, she also knew what she wanted to wear even the songs that were sung in church. It seems just like yesterday, but it has been 3 years and there are time I still pick up the phone and want to call her. . I believe all of our Angels around, just watch for the signs and you will know…

    • pattireppucci says:

      Hi Patty,

      Yes I also start to call or go visit my Mom, and then think to myself – what am I doing?? I agree that they’re always around, and that we just need to look for the little signs. Thanks for reaching out to me. I hope you’ll continue to read, enjoy and share my blog.

      Take care,

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