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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends.  Okay, so I know this post is over a week late, but I had to make the pies and roast all the vegetables to get ready for the Italian feast!!  As soon as that was over, it was time to start decorating the house and flipping through my cookie recipes!  And here we are…..!


During this time of year, we all turn our minds to “thoughts of thanksgiving” and of the many blessings in our lives.  We sit around a table with our loved ones, and take turns during the ritual of expressing what we’re grateful for this year. But, this really shouldn’t be a once a year thing that is part of our mindset for a week or so.


Gratitude should be the backbone of our lives.   It is the secret to transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary.   We all have so many things happening around us everyday.  But by really noticing the little things in the smallest moments and occurrences, and having general appreciation for these things, you can elevate your mind and heart to a new level of peacefulness and happiness.  Looking past the surface to the “good” in everything is immensely good for the mind and soul.  But more than just feeling it, a truer experience comes from expressing this gratitude to the others in your life who have had an impact or contributed in a special way.  A simple “thank you” from the heart, when a family member or friend does a routine thing to help out goes a long way on both ends.  It makes them feel appreciated, as much as helping you recognize the value of having them in your life. I found a saying on the Internet that reads “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it”. Unfortunately I couldn’t read the name of the author, but it’s really a great saying!  So true and profound!gratitude-gift-quote


So start today to look at the small things in life differently. The result of the amazement you experience in noticing will be the epiphanies of how blessed your life truly is!  These moments of awe will transfer your heart and soul to a place of peace and the realization that every day of your life holds small wonders and blessings – you just need to look for them and stop focusing on the other stuff!!  Every night when I get into bed, as I lay my head on the pillow I think of 5 things from that day for which to be grateful. Once you get used to looking past the surface to the small blessings in life, it will be very easy to find 5 things each day!  But the best part of all is that every night I fall off to sleep thanking God for such a nice day!!


Gratitude should be the attitude with which we live every day of our lives!!  From here hopefully we all move on to Spiritual Awakening, and how that truly transforms the quality of our lives.  How does it, you ask?….Well let’s leave that for next time.


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Gratitude

    • pattireppucci says:

      Thank you, Tony! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Looking at your FB page, I know that you and Susan truly do understand about “gratitude”! It shows in many of your posts depicting beautiful sunsets or fun times with your family and friends. This is the true essence of what is important in life. God bless you for teaching your grandchildren and all that know you by your example.

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